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A German (not sure though) movie about a diseased family man who is going to die soon.

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Hi, first post here. Glad to find such place.

Ah… The movie I’m looking for is probably a German movie or an Irish one…, I’m not sure, so don’t count on it. Ah… I remember that at the first of the movie we have this father who is visiting a doctor about his disease and the doctor tells him that he does not have much time and he’s going to die soon. I remember that the father’s financial situation is not very good and he wants to leave something for his family before dying but he is just a working man… He has a son and there is a scene in the movie that I remember clearly:

The son is working in a shop, and he goes to shop, but at the front of the shop he sees his father across the street who is cleaning some guy’s (probably a wise guy) shoes. The father do his job and the man throws some cash in front of him on the ground. The father crawls on the ground and pics up the money and then he sees his son across the street. He is ashamed… His son devastated by the scene enters the shop… tears in his eyes… his employer asks him what’s wrong and he tries to comfort him that his father is doing what he can what he should do and he must a pride of him.

Well, that’s all I remember. Does it ring a bell? It’s been a long time that I’ve been looking for this movie…

SecludedWithin Asked question Sep 16, 2020