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A film with a white woman and chinese man but not really a romance(?)

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I’ve been searching for this movie for some time but just cannot find it… Don’t remember the name or the main plot, sadly. 🙁 Just remember that there was a white woman in China – I think she was an American teaching English. This is an older film, possibly from the 90’s or maybe even late 80’s? I do not think this movie was a romance per se rather than something more about politics/drama regarding China’s internal matters and this white woman was probably like an audience substitute, an observant.

What I DO remember clearly is that the white woman mentioned above married a Chinese man, one of her students, at the end of the movie. And the reason was that there was some internal turbulence in China and she was leaving and wanted to save this Chinese man by taking him with her to America as her husband; she also cared/loved him, too, because when she asked him to marry her and he was reluctant at first calling it a sacrifice on her part, she said it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. And there was a scene at the very end of the movie when they were already married and in America and sitting at home watching news on tv about Tiananmen and what was going on there, both looking very worried.

I’d really like to find this movie…

Oloinen Asked question Sep 4, 2020