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A film where a wannabe stand-up comic gets involved with a deranged criminal

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I’ve been searching for a film in which the protagonist strives to become a stand-up comic and travels to the big city to make a name for himself, but on his way there he stops in a town where he gets involved with an unhinged serial-killer-mob-affiliated type guy! I THINK what happens is that the criminal poses as a talent agent and ends up tricking the protagonist into becoming involved with a murder by coercing him into helping him hide a victim’s body. The protagonist also meets a girl in the town and falls in love with her, and the whole film culminates in the main character having a mental breakdown and murdering his new girlfriend, but in his head he’s imagining he’s on a talkshow.

Most of the plot I’ve just described might not be totally accurate, but I know for a fact the film was made after 2000 (judging by the camera quality and whatnot), it’s a dark comedy, and the protagonist is a wannabe stand-up comic who gets involved with an unhinged criminal who coerces him to hide dead bodies.

The protagonist is a portly fella who wears a suit and dress shirts and dresses very nicely, and his criminal associate is male too, and more slender, dresses more casually.

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“MiddleMan” (2016)?
Detailed plot summary on Wikipedia:

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