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A film crew secretly films a family and ends up ruining the family

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I’m not sure if this is a movie or mockumentary or something like that but I do know that I can’t find it anywhere like it never existed. I can’t remember all the details but I hope that this will be enough. I watched this on Comedy Central (it was in German on the German Comedy Central. Don’t worry I’m fluent in German so I understood everything.) at about 10? years ago.
It was about a crew secretly filming the daily life of a random family for views (or because the family was suspicious of something so they were trying to uncover the truth? I really don’t remember. The first option seems more plausible.)
The family didn’t know that they were being watched.
The crew set up cameras around the house and watched the footage in their van.
The film crew would pull extreme pranks? on the family for views, for example, I remember that they kidnapped the dog which resulted in the dog’s death.
One of the members of the film crew got into the house and lured the dog into the van while the family was away.
The dad was driving back home and the van was parked near the home.
The dog recognized the car’s engine and jumped out of the van in front of the car.
The dad reacted too late and accidentally ran over and killed the dog.
Another of the pranks was that they left peanut butter in the fridge because the daughter has a peanut butter allergy.
She was talking on the phone with her friend and she went to the kitchen to get a snack.
She wasn’t paying attention and ate a bit of the peanut butter which caused an immediate allergic reaction.
The crew saw this but didn’t know what to do and they needed an EpiPen.
One of the crew members had an EpiPen so the other crew member took her EpiPen and ran to the house.
At the same time, the ambulance arrived because the daughter’s friend realized what had happened.
Later on, after the dog’s death, things started to go south.
The mom blamed her husband for the dog’s death and they argued a lot.
She had an affair with an actor the crew hired.
The dad came home (i think he was drunk), realized what was happening and killed the two with a fire poker while they were doing the devil’s tango. (The crew saw this because every room had a hidden camera but they didn’t call the police or intervene so they don’t blow their cover.)
The daughter, still mourning the dog’s death went to a party. (I think it was on the same night her dad killed her mom so she was unaware of what was going on in her home.)
She was drunk and later on drugs.
She remember the dog and decided to drive home even though she was barely able to drive.
She ran a red light, drove over and killed a pregnant woman and was immediately arrested.
When she sobered up and realized her actions, she committed suicide by hanging herself with the bedsheets.
Her dad and the prison guard found her hanged and dead. (I can’t remember if the dad killed the mom and actor/lover before or after witnessing his daughter’s death, but now that I think about it, it was probably after.)
The dad eventually found the camera and the crew was caught.
I can’t remember how the movie is? mockumentary? precisely ends.
All I remember is the crew leader being in court with the finishing lines being something like: “Was (crew leader name) an angel or a devil for making this (show?)?” (The whole situation got a lot of attention so some people thought that he was an angel because he uncovered the truth? (i really have no idea I just remember his image drawn as an angel.) and others thought that he was a devil because he killed and ruined a family.)
The last scene is the image of the crew leader (sunglasses, black hair, black baseball cap) drawn on the left side as an angel and on the right side as a devil.
I hope someone has any info on this because I really can’t find this movie and I know that I watched it and I didn’t make this up. As I said before, it was on the German Comedy Central around 10 years ago so maybe that’s why there’s no info about it? Sorry for the long text but I think it will be easier to find this way.

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shooting the warwicks

it was supposedly a tv show and this movie too….

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Yes! That’s it! Thank you so much! <3