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A criminal comedy probably from the 1960s


This móvie had similar feel to comedies like “How to steal a milion” with Audrey Hepburn or “Some like it hot” with Marilyn Monroe. The main charakter, probably a detective, is trying to explore a big hause hidden in the forest, is driving a car approching that hause, but has to stop the car because of a dead tree lying on the driveway. Then he approaches the hause on foot and sees through the window some men disputing in the circle during a misterious meeting. The house in very elegant inside, furnished and very well-kept. Maybe later these men noticed the detective and were chasing him, and he escaped, I am not sure about the plot. After returning to the city he takes a witness with him to check that hause again, but this time there in no tree on the driveway, and the house is deserted and inside there is a disorder, dust and cobwebs, as if no one has been there for a long time. It will later turn out that the dry tree was electrically controlled from the prone position to the standing position and vice versa by means of a little key. And that is all what I remember. Presumably made in the 1960s, probably black and white. I would like to see this movie again years later, so I would be grateful if you could mention its title.

Macium Asked question Jul 9, 2022