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a corrupt investigator help an iranian man to stole a bank , they stole 2 million $

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A man He surrenders himself and tell the cops that he has a bomb will explode in any time
The case is being investigated by the investigator to find the location of the bombs
And The suspect gives them places in the form of puzzles to solve them
And the investigator sucsses to Disable the bombs
finally remain the last bomb
That was at a bank.

And when the investigator and the suspect go to disrupt the last bomb

The suspect holds a girl as a hostage.
Then The investigator switches himself with the victim
After that the the doors of the bank closed To remain the suspect and the investigator alone.
Then the investigator say to to the suspect bro wont you raise the gun from my head
They were worke to gother all the time what a shoke !!!
In the end they stole the bank and destroy the wall and they escape
After that Everyone hears the sound of the bomb exploding
And Everyone thinks they’re dead
They donate 1 million $ to the orphanage that took care of them when they were young.

The State honored the investigator and awarded him the Medal of Honor and Courage for his sacrifice.

They planned this theft all their lives since we were all together in the orphanage.

Guys its very very great story
I watched it and i forgot the name plz plz help me !!!

Huh Edited question Dec 31, 2018

plz plz i need the name or i will die

I know that im suck at explaining but ineed help guys plz

guys just give me a hope any thing the hero the year any thing that could help me plz