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A 90s,2000 or 2010s movie showed on HBO red

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Does anyone know of an Asian movie about a duo of cop/police/detective whose on the hunt for a murderer, the movie was shown around 2012 – 2016

The duo are kinda opposites of each other with one being crazy and free spirited while the other is calm and collected

Detective 1 (the crazy one) likes detective 2’s sister

Detective 2 is obsessed with coffee and is afraid to sleep because he might suffer a coma

Near the end of the movie, they have this confrontation with the culprit. They manage to defeat him but detective 2 got slammed into a wall with a nail sticking out causing him to bleed out and die

The end scene is where detective 1 and the sister are standing over detective 2’s grave, saying their thanks and that detective 1 will try to be a better person for his sister

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