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90s tvmovie about a creature who grantes wishes to a boy

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Hi, first post here and a *very* hopeful one.

This has been driving crazy for yeeeeeeears. I’m guessing is a 90’s tv movie, family movie. All I remember is that is was about a boy who encountered an alien? / leprechaun / dwarf / something like that. Aparently this creature had been living in this planet for a long long time, cause I vivdly remember a scene where he showed a painting where he was standing near Napoleon. Anyway. This creature grant a few wishes to the boy, and the boy ask for the following: first, for his family to be rich (and lots of money appear in their house, along with the FBI, wondering how come they have all that money). Second wish, to be the best player of his baseball team (so the creature just makes all the other players so much worse than the boy). And third, to be able to know what other people think of him, which ends in the creature making him able to read other people’s minds.

I don’t remember the ending – only, that the boy wasn’t that happy with the alien / whatever ugly creature that was.

Rings any bell? I pretty much have other 50ish years of life to find it and die in peace.


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(I don’t seem to know how to answer in this forum, so hopefully this will work)

WHAT-KIND-OF-GOD-SEND-ANGEL-ARE-YOU??????????? I’ve been asking for this movie FOR YEARS and you finally solved it for me!!! Now I can prove to my brother that this movie exists and that we actually saw it (not just a nightmare I had one night). My god, what crappy movies were shown on tv on sundays at lunchtime, in Spain, in the mid 90s.

Thank you so much!!! *cries*

You’re most welcome. Glad to help : )