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90’s straight to video films shown on the premium channel “Showtime”


I’ll describe accede I can remember from this film:

Young boy trying to steal spray paint from a store, by hiding the spray paint in his hoody, store owner catches, and stops the young boy before he leaves the store.

Climax where the young boy wins a fight against a bigger opponent, the opponent is on the ground, young boy looking over his opponent holding a hockey stick to his opponent’s throat, the young boy makes a speech

Towards the end a old medieval guy is following the young boy home after the big fight, telling him “You did it!, you did it!”

The Old man gets weak, and begins to dissappear.

That’s all I can remember from the film, if you know which film, please let me know asap, thank you for your time. God bless.

dbz19852004 Asked question Oct 23, 2021