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90s(?) Romance W/Main Girl Asking To Play A Song On The Car Radio

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All I remember is that the main guy meets her at a bar or something and he’s this strict business-y type who wears a suit n’ tie and she’s a “wild girl” who parties alot or whatever and they have that cliché opposites attract storyline probably.. I for sure remember that there’s a scene in the movie where the guy gives her a ride and she asks for a specific song to play on the radio and the guy’s like “no way” at first but after they fall in love or whatever and he realizes it the end he goes to look for her and asks her to play that same specific song to sort of “seal the deal”. I kinda remember there being heavy nudity or graphic sex scenes and I coulda sworn Susan Sarandon played the main girl but after browsing her filmography I’m not so sure… This is a long shot so yeah 👍

ForgetfulAndMadAboutIt Asked question Apr 25, 2022