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’90s or older, a movie about a guy who leaves his love and marries a rich girl


I saw this movie in the ’90s when I was very young, but a few scenes stuck with me. The story is about a young couple in love, they live in the countryside where people hunt foxes. They are poor and the guy leaves (probably to earn some money), but somehow he meets another young man and a girl in the city, and these two are rich. Eventually he marries this rich girl and never goes back home to his love. There is a scene where he thinks he sees his countryside girlfriend in the streets but there is a wagon or something and then she disappears. The movie ends with him as an old man going back home, driving through the countryside and finding the grave of his first love. Also, on the way he meets a young man who looks exactly like him when he was young (he actually has a distinctive look, ginger or blonde, and curly hair) and I think the young man is carrying a fox. That’s all I can remember, I hope someone will be able to finally tell me the title of this movie.

AnnaJ Asked question Jan 29, 2021