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90s movie with kids investigating a missing jewel

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I’m not sure whether it was a movie or a tv show. Its surrounding a jewel called ‘eye of the condor’ which fits on a statue of a condor worshipped by native americans. It goes missing and a bunch of kids, one of them is a ballet dancer investigates it. Some practical magic is involved in their adventures. Eventually they find it from some chandelier in a mausoleum like room and returns to the natives. The movie takes place in a modern setting.

jithu47 Posted new comment Jun 6, 2022

this was live action?

Yes. It was live action.

i dug for quite awhile and didn’t find anything with native americans so far. do you remember when you saw it? do you remember what any of the other kids look like?

I saw this some time between 1995 – 2001. The kids were the typical adventure type – the nerdy one, the adventurous one, the beautiful girl etc. The mausoleum belongs to the magician who kept the jewel.