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90s European character drama

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I am trying to remember the name of a film from the 1990s, probably made in Germany or France, dialog probably in English or possibly English subtitles. It is kind of a character drama with people in their 30s and some bisexual.
One of the main characters is a downtrodden gay fellow named Axel who has had a string of poor roommates. He is vegetarian and the new roommate is a butcher who likes slasher films with lots of sausages in them, but Axel is kind hearted and puts up with him.
Axel has other long standing friends who are trying to help him.
The film has a running gag about using more extreme drugs for example bull tranquilizers. There is a scene where a man and a woman hook up and the next morning you see the man squatting naked on a coffee table with a crazed look and there is a huge blue mark around his nose where the tranquilizer was sprayed.
After time goes by one of the men is playing rugby or possibly soccer and is named Alexandre.
I might be confusing multiple films together. Any ideas?

Bachelor Farmer Asked question May 2, 2020