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90s drama, possibly French about young mother trying to get son back from adopted family


I’m hoping someone can help me. I saw this film when I was a kid back in the 1990s on a French Canadian television station or on Bravo! (back when it was actually about artistic cinema and not reality trash). It’s been bugging me for YEARS!

Things I remember (in loose chronological order)

– young woman is dating a a Jewish guy (possibly Orthodox)
– they have sex and she gets pregnant
– for some reason he will have nothing to do with her once she tells him (ignores and distances himself, perhaps reluctantly due to family pressure)
– she has to put her child up for adoption, but later regrets it, I think, and approaches the adoptive family
– the boy’s adoptive parents are upset at this
– somehow it works out (cannot remember how)
– last scene is the little boy (with a very biblical name, like Moses) reading a story book to the audience (breaking the 4th wall), as if implying he’s telling the story to us
– the little boy is sitting on a toilet/potty
– his biological mother is there, and smiling (happy ending, I guess)??

Anyway, I hope that this rings a bell with someone!!


Solaris Edited question Dec 6, 2021