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90s B scifi/western movie, they buy a mirror that’s actually a portal to a wild west town

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A guy gets some mirror for his house and it turns out you walk into it it takes you to some other world (dimension?) Where its wild west, but theres bad guys that are obviously from the future or something.
All I remember is a bad guy had a robotic arm like Cable from x men and/or a glowing red eye…

And the nerd/geek of the group wusses out and goes back thru the wild west worlds mirror/portal back to his house where it all started, only to realize he needs to help his friends who were left behind (and if I’m not mistaken get the girl, who is from his world or the wild west one, I don’t remember) and he does, which leads to him and buddies beating the futuristic baddies.

That’s all I got, other than the scene where nerd guy in his house staring at the mirror trying to convince himself to go back to it to rescue his friends and hes pretty damn scared.

It was on hbo/cinemax/or showtime all the time in the early 90s, obviously was never in theaters, and was a scifi/western mix…. and a mirror they randomly bought was a portal to that western world. Me and my friends (born 1982-1984) all remember it bc it was on tv so much when we were kids but none of us remember the name or any actors.

Weve looked up scifi/western movie mix lists, movies with portals mix, movies with mirrors as portals and haven’t found anything.

Its been killing us for almost 20 years. Does this ring a bell to Anyone ?

For some reason most of the scenes that I recall take place at night…. thanks anyways

It had to be after terminator 2 because the cinematography and graphics weren’t bad or cheesy.

StephenMcCaulkner Unselected an answer Oct 8, 2021

Some of that sounds like Stargate (1994) with James Spader.

StephenMcCaulkner Posted new comment Oct 8, 2021

No, definitely not Stargate