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90’s-00’s space horror movie


ok so i watched it when i was a kid and all i remember is that it had a kind of menacing title??? like intimidating vibe to it but. also it stars either semuel l jackson or laurence fushbourn im really bad with faces and i couldn’t find this movie in either of theirs filmography. the plot was centred around a group of scientists/astronauts and they found an entity in space i think?? and it could do weird things i dont remember what exactly but i could possess people (it possessed one of the scientists?) AND they all died one after another until one blond girl was left and she was saved im pretty sure! also i thinnnkk there was some romence or horniness in this movie??? i was a kid idk maybe not. all of the scientists kind of gone insane on that ship of theirs. help please i cant sleep :(((

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pori Selected answer as best Aug 1, 2022

yes i think thats it!!! thank you so much <3

Yay! Happy to help!