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90s/00s movie, Town experiences string of deaths and ends with man murdered by wife on wedding day

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Probably made for TV, I definitely seen it prior to 2016 and it seemed a bit grainy for then.

Set in America, an old man (80/90s) lives in a giant manor in a small rural town, has a lot of house keepers etc.
The man dies and his son (30/40s) comes to the town from the city for his funeral/ inheritance.
The man learns he inherited the manor and meets his father’s maid/servant? She’s worried about work so he decides to keep them around while he works things out.

Meanwhile in town people are dying in somewhat suspicious circumstances, one person’s brakes failed and drove off a cliff going around a corner, you see the scene as the man and woman drive past it and the coroner/ police don’t think the deaths are a big issue. (Probably due to mafia I mention later)
I think the man was trying to assist in why people kept dying and was getting close.

Man eventually falls for woman/servant and they get engaged. Her father is implied to be some type of mobster/mafia, pays for a big wedding etc.
Man is lured to a car scrapyard, woman confronts him and tells him she killed all those people, including his father (she specifically says she f***ed him until his heart gave out)
Man is horrified then gets a car dropped on him by giant magnet.
Father and bride, perhaps town are happy about the outcome. Everyone seemed to have something to gain from the deaths.

Other small details I remember is the manor being white with staircases up both sides, I don’t think the old man was well liked in town, probably due to being richest and having servants and woman having large brown frizzy type hair, I think it was implied her family was Greek

Amy Asked question Apr 29, 2022