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’85 – ’93 Horror: 3 ppl being chased by a magically animated furnace or a machine?

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting here. I would appreciate any information or clues regarding a movie or possibly an episode from a TV show that I once saw. I didn’t see the whole film. I only saw about 10-15 minutes of it. This was back around 1992, perhaps? So the film could have been from the late 80’s up till then. I was browsing through the channels on an old ancient satellite dish receiver lol. I just so happened to stop on a channel with something playing that caught my interest. I didn’t see the beginning of this movie/TV episode. I only remember landing on the channel (perhaps a movie channel such as HBO?). When I starting watching, it seemed as though it was halfway through the plot. I did not watch the ending either. I would love to find out what the name of this film was so I can go back and watch it in it’s entirety after all of these years! I will try my best to recall the scene without my memory confusing it with the other countless horror/sci-fi/fantasy movies that I’ve watched since.

Here goes:
Three people are running for their lives. I think it may have been one young woman (I don’t remember the color of her hair, but I think it might have been medium to long length), one young man with relatively short hair (I don’t remember the color either), and another man who might have been the oldest of the three (I think his hair was brown and about shoulder length?). The oldest man was injured, and was carrying a book (it may have had magical powers, such as a book of spells?) The other younger man and woman was trying to help him, as all three of them were trying to escape a large house/mansion/building. I can’t remember exactly what this place was, or if it was the home of the villain/evil entity? As they were trying to escape something was chasing them. I can’t remember if it was a furnace that had come to life via magic?

I also vaguely recall a memory (which could have been falsely induced) were a piano with teeth had came to life that might have also chased the three of them. However I do recall their being flames shooting out of either one, which is why I think it was most likely an animated furnace that chased them.

*Edit/Update* : I also recall the 3 of them running down a staircase to make their escape. I don’t remember if the staircase was spiral or if it was long that lead down to the first floor (or maybe the basement/cellar of the facility).

Edit Additional Info: This movie/episode may not have been in English. It may have also been in another language. I forgot to mention that while I was watching that particular segment, I did not receive sound output via the old school satellite dish receiver.

*Another Update* : Instead of a magically animated furnace (or piano) chasing them, it may have been some sort of large magical mechanical device that I might have mistaken for a fire-breathing furnace. As if it did have a glowing aura that powered it from within.

^ I’ve been doing mental gymnastics for the past few days, trying to force my brain to recall another memory with out inducing pseudo image implants.

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Could it be The Haunting?

The timeline is a bit off as this movie was released in 1999 but it has lots of elements you mentioned! Here is the trailer

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Hey Abba, thank you for responding. No, it isn’t The Haunting. However from what I can recall, it did have a similar atmosphere and tone. Even the era of the motion picture filming used (1999), makes me think the movie/episode was from around 1988-1993