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80s~90s movie about a guy who went to college. Sorry, but i don’t remember much about this movie.

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Hi, everyone! I really want to find out this movie’s name. Not that is a great movie, but because i can’t remember its name and it’s bugging me for years.

It’s about a guy, who goes to college. He start to date this girl, that can taste “caramel apple”, or something like that, when she’s having orgasm. Later on, one of his friends says this, and the main character discover that his girl was sleeping with his friend. I think his backstabbing friend and girlfriend got together at the end.

There’s also anothe friend, i think his name was donny or donatelo, that dies when he tries to help someone who was being raped. Remembered that everyone thought this Donny guy would rape someone, not risk his life trying to save someone.

Also remembered that they played “You really got me”, but i’m not so sure about this. Maybe i’m mixing things up, but i think the main character sings with his father, a bearded man, “you really got me”. But this part i’m not sure. but maybe this piece of info can help.

main character’s girlfriend goes on a trip or something, and he goes to a party. He meets a girl, i think she was wearing something green. After the party, he takes her home, where she tries to seduce him. She bends over and he almost touch her butt but stop midway.

Can’t remember plot or actors.

Sorry if there’s no much details, but this is all i can remember.

leoflea Asked question Apr 16, 2022