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80s. Woman discovers her husband is a serial killer. Sex scene in motel.



I am looking for the title of an 80s thriller b-movie. I think it is american.

I have seen only one scene from that movie, which is the reason I want to find it to watch the rest.

A wife thinks her husband is having an affair with another woman. So one night she follows him. The husband meets a woman in a motel. They take a shower together and they start having sex. From what I remember, the husband was tall, muscular and brunette. I think the wife was blonde.

Meanwhile the wife is watching the entire event from a window outside in a dark alley. Suddenly the husband stabs or cuts the throat of his mistress, and while she is dying, he hugs her firmly and keeps going until he has an orgasm. The whole thing happens inside the shower with water pouring down.

His wife watches the whole incident terrified and leaves. I think later the husband returns back to his home like nothing happened. I think there was also a series of other murder of women, and the wife realizes that her husband is the serial killer behind those. But I am not sure about that part.

there is a chance the witness was not his wife, since I saw the scene in the middle of the movie. But from the entire context of the scene (she follows him, her reaction, etc), I am pretty sure it was his wife.

And that’s it. That shower murder scene was quite disturbing, which is why I still remember it.

I had asked about this movie title again a few years back in the IMDB forums, but despite some suggestions I never managed to find the movie.

So I give it another try here. anyone knows the title of the movie I am talking about?

mvf77 Asked question Dec 9, 2021