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80s or 90s Animated Kids TV Show- any ideas?

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I don’t have much to go off so i’d be amazed if anyone could solve this. I have vague memories of watching a show with dog-like characters, think there was a wizard involved and an evil dragon. There was also something about dreams and bubbles but don’t know if that’s too specific. The main thing I remember is the main character making candles. That’s all I’ve got, thanks!

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hillcastles Selected answer as best Feb 6, 2018

Maybe this British animated TV series?:
“The Dreamstone” (1990-1995)
More info on the show on Wiki here:

One of the characters is The Dream Maker (he looks like an old wizard). Quote from Wiki:

“He carries the responsibility of creating and sending dreams to the whole world.”

One of the characters is Rufus, he works in a waxworks. Quote from Wiki:

“Rufus was ordered to fill a basket with candles, he did so, but as he put the candles in, he started to daydream about being a performing clown, juggling the candles that then turned into objects and animals. Rufus was then interrupted by Amberley, in which then caused him to drop and break the candles. Amberley picked up the candles and walked away saying ‘Daydreaming again!'”

One of the evil characters is Zordrak. Quote from Wiki:

He resembles a large dragon,”

Also, there are laughter bubbles in the show. Quote from Wiki:

“When Rufus shows Amberley the laughter box, and took out some of the laughter bubbles, alternate sounds of laughter can be heard from them.”

Part 1 on Youtube:

Part 2 on Youtube:

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hillcastles Selected answer as best Feb 6, 2018

holy crap that’s it, thanks!