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80s movie about two teenagers getting married?

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80s movie about two teenagers getting married and they were supposed to be saving themselves until their wedding night. Movie takes place in the north east as everyone had thick new york accents. I want to say the groom to be was named Dominick or Michael. The girl’s name would be Gina or Lisa. The boy is worried because he doesn’t really want to tie himself down at such a young age and sees all his opportunities going be missed. He doesn’t want to end up working a dead end job like the rest of the men in his family. The girl has trust issues with her soon to be husband and decides to give up her virginity to him before they actually get married. At the wedding reception everything seems to go crazy, the bride is very upset and not sure if she made the right decision in getting married so young and to such a man that can’t be trusted and wants to hang out with his friends on his wedding night instead of being with wife. By the end of the movie I think they got divorced pretty quickly and decided to stay on as friends and the young man does end up in the same dead end job that the rest of his family is in but says that he is thinking about college.

Birda Asked question Sep 26, 2021