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80s funny “superman”

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When i was a kid in the 80s i watched a US comedy “superman” movie/tv series about this curly haired guy that i think found or were given a casette tape with instructions on how he could fly, but he never learned how to land.. He always crashed on the way down. I think he had on a yellow and red outfit and drove a yellow car.
Anyone knows ? (i dont think its Condorman by the way)

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vegar74 Selected answer as best Feb 5, 2021

I believe you are searching for The Greatest American Hero, a tongue-in-cheek US television series that ran from 1981-83. Aliens give a high school teacher a red suit that affords him super powers including the ability to fly. But he loses the instruction manual, and struggles to use the suit correctly. There is a running gag throughout the series of him flying into things, crashing whenever he lands, often taking out bad guys through shear clumsiness.

The star of the series, William Katt, did indeed have curly blonde hair.

vegar74 Selected answer as best Feb 5, 2021

Thats it, thanks 🙂
I have been looking for this a long time, childhood memories..
And it just hit me that the theme melody is the same as George from Seinfeld played in on his answermachine..