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So, three films I cannot remember the names of…
1) A kid with a pet bug (sees his family killed?) and runs away in a spaceship with a knock-off Han-Solo.
2) Human space police in a super new ship run into a cyborg warrior. Then the cyborg warriors spaceships start to combine and the humans ship is the final part of a super-weapon.
3) Alien kid living with an old man runs into bad guys at a satellite dish (radio telescope?) that are cloning people with their machine that includes a big drawer. The kid ends up in the drawer at one point. I think this was one of at least two films with the alien kid and the old man.
I saw all these as a kid in the 80’s and early 90’s and cannot for the life of me remember the names of the films.
Please, won’t someone put me out of my misery…!

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I can put you out of one-third of your misery. The first of the movies you are looking for is Space Raiders from 1983. Vince Edwards plays Colonel Hawk, the low-rent Han-Solo knock-off. He and his band of space pirates unwittingly fly off from a job with a stowaway moppet and his pet (stop-motion animated) bug on-board. This was one of Roger Corman’s New World Pictures releases; probably made to get some extra mileage out of the sets, music, and effects from Battle Beyond the Stars. A young James Cameron did some effects work for the movie.
You can watch a really nice copy of the full movie at youtube.

nelmdog Selected answer as best Oct 9, 2020