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70’s horror film (probably british)

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I only remember one scene from this movie but at 11 years old it creeped the cr@p out of me.

It was on the local non-big-network channel on a Sunday afternoon in the early 80’s.

A woman wakes up and follows some people …into the woods? To another isolated building? They are having some sort of ritual. A woman is tied down to the floor. Part of me thinks she’s on a wheel/turntable type device and they are spinning her around but it could have been the camera work spinning to create a mytical effect. They start dancing around her, my memory says they were like tribal natives but again, at 11 years old, who knows what my own mind created. They danced around her chanting and throwing paint or blood on her as she spun on the floor.

That’s all I remember. I turned the channel because it freaked me out but I have never forgotten that scene. It’s been almost 40 years.

Sdenison Asked question Sep 9, 2020