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60s?, Sailors, romance, creature from black lagoon type monster


A pub I used to go to often played a film without the sound on a TV in an out of the way corner. Over the years we managed to see most of this film. I’d love to know what it is.

What I can remember:
Seemed to be 60s but might be later.
I suspect it may be out of copyright, as they played a couple of other pretty old films that might be too.
Seemed American but some elements suggested European eg Italian.
Plot summary:
In port, scene where pompous fancily dressed (in old school Italian style) senior naval type comes unstuck (falls in water?).
Voyage on fairly small motorised boat, with all American types (striped blue and white t-shirts, young, ginger hair, Beach Boys & Flipper vibe), middle aged captain hero type, a couple of good looking females, possibly the Italian types too.
Exotic shore reached, I think the boat might then sink somehow.
Fairly poorly costumed shambling, creature from black lagoon type monster emerges from water at times.
Various romantic relationships.
One of the young all Americans falls for a large white native lady who has a mating dance a bit like a chicken.
Fairly happy ending all round.

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