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60s-70s western? Ends with a man marrying a little person and setting himself on fire?


I watched this a while ago and it was a wild plot. It start with a man riding into town on a horse. There is a boy with him who has no clothes, idk why. There is a band of thieves who are terrorizing a town and this lady. They’ve been killing a bunch people in the towns around there. I think the guy gets into a fight and ends up killing them. He leaves the kid with some monks. He and the lady go into the desert and wander around for a while. Somehow, they get on a quest and they have to defeat three challenges. I vaguely remember this part. There’s a woman they run into in the desert who beats up the guy and then leaves. At some point she joins up with them. Eventually the two ladies abandon him and become lovers. He’s left by a railroad track. I think he was injured. Somehow he ends up in a cave where a bunch of little people are trapped and he sleeps for like 20 years. They have this whole prophecy about him. He helps them make a tunnel out and falls in love with one of the little people who he marries. They go town and are basically street performers. The kid he gave to the monks is a pastor there now. I don’t remember much. Something happens and the towns people want to kill all the little people and him and it ends with him going into the town to protest by setting himself on fire while the little person he married has his son.

Anyone know what this is? May have been in Spanish? The whole thing feels like a fever dream.

Chisco Answered question May 10, 2022

I think this is it:

Jodorowsky has always been mental

Stonebroke Answered question May 10, 2022