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60’s/70’s children adventure with little people on boat coming up from bath tube drain


In the 70’s I saw this movie or TV movie or a TV series episode for children where a boy was involved in some adventure or quest where it was helped or helped some little people (leprechauns?) who traveled in some little towboat or fish boat.
When the boy wanted to speak with the boat people then he opened the tap of any bath tube and the boat came upstream through the drain hole while a kind of magic/evocative music was playing.
I’m not sure but perhaps in the same episode or series there were scenes in a luna park where there were people in medieval dresses.
In another scene in the luna park some children are in a airplanes carousel and the one where they are detach and fly on its own bringing the children on an adventure destination.
By the manufacture seemed a Disney movie or tv series.

masal Posted new comment Aug 8, 2022

Hi VHS_lives! Thank you very much! I checked on Reddit and they speak about an Hungarian film, and also link to a site where the movie is available. I looked at parts of it and that’s the story!
All the elements I remembered about are there, except… it doesn’t seem it. The story is right but the production seems a lot cheaper. The scenes aren’t really as I remembered. The story is right, but the little creatures, the boat, the airplane, aren’t as I remember. So… or child memories are very much distorted by other experiences, or perhaps I saw a remake of the same story made i.e. by Disney or any other western production. Also one of commenters on reddit said to remember the story was of an English boy (not a Hungarian one). So the mystery is still open, but for sure half solved. Thank you very very much for the link! The very first clue!