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2015 animated tv show I need help remembering.

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There’s a tv show my mom used to watch, (I’m pretty sure it was on Netflix ) she watched it around 2015 time and I have only four memories of what was happening in the show,

The intro is one of the things I remember, it’s just some words sort of flying over some houses and telephone lines. By the way, im pretty sure that is was either claymation or some other kind of animation style like that.

Now we get to the actual story that I remember. All I remember of this part is a narrator talking and the kid, the kid is walking up to a fireplace shelf and grabbing a box, the box has a ring in it that drops on his hand and puts it on his finger.

And now we are in a graveyard facing a gravestone, it belongs to the grandma, this grandma is the one who’s house it is in the last part. (I forgot to mention it) this grandma was really mean, almost abusive mean or maybe was abusive idk, but her gravestone was unnecessarily tall, almost as tall as the kid and below that is a open grave, (it doesn’t show the body, it’s covered by a piece of wood) and the people around the kid are throwing stuff In, flowers and stuff, so he decides to throw the ring in too, he does that and it shows it falling in and making the sound you would expect to hear from metal hitting wood.

The next part is, the kid is back at the grandma’s house, in the backyard this time. He is facing a shed, when he opens the doors a bunch of crows fly out. (owned by the grandma) that is limit of my knowledge, please help me with this, I’ve been searching for this for sometime now and haven’t found anything yet. If you have anything that my help me please comment on this or text me. Thanks!

Puncham5 Asked question Nov 21, 2021