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2010ish spoof of an 80’s movie not “take me home tonight”

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The movie is done to mimic an 80’s spoof movie like 16 candles or Ferris Bueller. done around 2010 give or take a couple of years. I swore it had Jennifer Elise Cox but didn’t see the movie under her name. It almost had the same kind of spoof like “Not Another Teen Movie” Anyone who knows this movie can you please help. I used every possible way to figure this out but still it eludes me.

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what happens in the movie??

Johnydaman Posted new comment Jun 22, 2019

I really can’t remember much. I just remember it was done all 80’s style but made to be over the top. I wish I knew I saw it and their faces are on my mind I just can’t seem to get the names right I thought it was Jennifer Elise Cox but her movies don’t match. Its killing me.

Evil toons or macgruber