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2000-2005 asian movie with two kids (boys) living in misery?


hi, so i’m desperately searching for a movie i saw yeeeeears ago and i need your help.

it took place in an asian country, i was to young to understand what language was spoken but i’ll say confidently that it probably took place somewhere between china and indonesia (both included). i believe the movie was released somewhere between 2000 and 2005 but it could be a little bit older than that.

now the plot : there were two 13-15 years old kids, boys, they seemed to live all alone, i believe that they were orphans living in misery. they helped each other and had a special bond (very very good friends? brothers?), i don’t really know. i have mostly a photographic memory so i remember details such as big -and not very inspiring- buildings. a grayish/green/blue filter through the whole movie, as if the weather was bad. one of the kids had bleached hair (blond/yellow). i remember a scene where one of them drank too much and the other forced him to drink a lot of water to make him sober up faster.

it may or may not have been inspired by a real story.

thank you in advance, i’m sorry it’s not much!

bacchusmalade Edited question Feb 6, 2021