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2000-10 Chinese action movie

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I only remember a snippet of the movie. The girl is running from someone and hides in the restroom with the door open, sitting on the toilet seat and holding a newspaper. The guy/guys sets free venomous snakes and some other reptile.The girl starts freaking out and escapes through a opening in the ceiling with some help but not before being bit by one of the reptile. I think Jet li is starring in it but I’m not sure.

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“High Risk”, also known as “Shu dan long wei” (1995)
Detailed plot description on Wikipedia:

Quote from the above Wikipedia page:
Helen runs into a room with an exhibit of poisonous reptiles, places the videotape underneath a display case and hides in the men’s washroom. The Doctor’s younger brother, Rabbit, throws some of the snakes into the bathroom, poisoning her in the process.”

Jet Li is in the movie.

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