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2 movies i need help with

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I don’t remember much of movie. I watched it in the early 90’s. This lady wins a spot on a game show (I think). Its at this house with a few different people. I know it show her at the beginning living in like a halfway house ,or something similar, and she is reading the letter about winning?. She goes to this house and the other people start to get murdered. In the end it shows she was in on the murdering the whole time. There’s also a scene where this guy is cutting off his own face. I think its showing him doing this on a TV screen, but I am not sure.

In the second movie it’s also like a game show, but with killer clowns. Like some people are going through a maze of some sort and being chased by these different killer clowns. That’s all I can remember. Also watched this in the early 90’s.

casspir Edited comment Jul 15, 2020

Regarding your second movie, the plot is similar to the movie “31”, but it is from 2016:
“the film is about five carnies who are kidnapped by a gang of clowns called “The Heads” and forced to play a survival game called “31”, where they are chased by the clowns through a maze of rooms over 12 hours”