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2 knights go on a journey , fight giant green caterpillar-is creature. Eventually they fight bats

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Hello all! I’ve been having this on my mind for quite the time now, but I’ve had a fading memory of an animated movie where there are two knights that go on a quest that I can’t remember what for, but I just remember that the knights were talking at a balcony and I remember one of the knights being sad, maybe due to his inexperience and need to improve. I know that these two knights venture on to kill an obese slimy monster. I believe it shot green slime out at the knights but eventually it was defeated. Later on the knights fight a large swarm of evil bats. Please, can anyone help me track this? Thanks!

VHS_Lives Answered question Jun 14, 2022

is it 2d or 3d/cgi animated? how old is it?

From bare memory the time I watched may have been 2010-2009-2011 ish. It’s also 3D I believe. Thanks again!


No that is not it I can also says it’s not, quest for Camelot, flight of dragons, road to el dorado.