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(1990 – early 2000) single woman swap places with identical looking, married woman with 3 children.

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Hi? i’ve seen this movie years ago, maybe around late 1990’s or early 2000 (before 2005) once. Can’t remember the title, and the actress and actors are not really well known, seen in hollywood kind of actors.
If not mistaken (it appeared so) it’s an European movie & the main character actress plays (slim with a dark, very short hair) 2 roles, a single woman who works at a newspaper or magazine publishing company and switches her life temporarily with another identical looking woman who’s married with 3 children. Some details are:
married woman’s eldest child is teenage daughter? and the youngest is a very cute small boy (around 3-5yrs old). Her family lives in a townhouse (not a flat or apartment).
The main actress resembled a bit of Juliette Binoche with short dark hair, but it could be only to me, can’t be sure. it’s been ages since i saw the film.

anyone please let me know if this is the film you know or seen (title or actress and actors name).

VHS_Lives Answered question Jan 27, 2022

let’s switch!

it is a bit older, but this seems like the identical premise.

VHS_Lives Answered question Jan 27, 2022