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1980s or 1990s film

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Movie where a family holds up in there farm house. They have stock piled weapons. They board up the house windows. Steel water from there neighbors. Government comes in and trys to get them to surrender. Government uses sound and lights to try to drive them out. Family shoots at lights and sound speakers. Played on USA network. Not the siege at ruby ridge.

Chris Answered question Jun 5, 2020

Could be Red State?

Chris Answered question Jun 5, 2020

This sounds like it is based from the
Waco Siege
Its one of the only sieges’ to use very loud music
Its also considered to be one of the few American acts of un-nessacary violence carried out on ‘innocent’ civilians by the government.
Although they were committing some crimes, non were beyond the scope of tactical force. It was considered a dark time for Americans. Many children died because the government did not approach the situation with tact and a level head.
Sorry I cant tell you the film. there have been many documentaries about these events, all of which are interesting and informative.

Spgsamuel Answered question Aug 8, 2018

Could it be this one?:
“In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion” (1992)

From IMDb:

“Bob Bryant, F.B.I. agent in charge of an operation to arrest Adam Swapp and his brother Jonathan are suspects in the bombing of Mormon Center in Utah. The brothers and their families hold-up on their farm with provisions and enough ammunition to withstand the governments siege. They are devout in their beliefs and purposes and are determined to stand up for their rights.”

If this is the movie you are looking for, then please select my answer above as Best Answer, there is an option for that.

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