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1980s? Napoleonic era movie (Or Russian Revolution)

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Don’t remember much about the movie, it was in English. Lots of Calvary officers in fancy uniforms and swords. (The Prince and his retinue, or the other officers in his unit. All young junior officers.)

I dont think they were French, They may have been German, or Russian, or Prussian, possibly English.

The King?/Queen? is disappointed in the Prince, He wont settle down, prefers playing cards or drinking with the other officers at the Officer’s Club. Has a wife, but no children yet.

The King/Queen or maybe the Prime Minister find out (from the Princess? or serving maids?) that the reason there are no children is he has never consummated the marriage (passed out drunk the night of the marriage) and only goes to sleep, or pass out drunk each night since.

The scene I specifically recall:

Using a pretext, they get the royal doctor to give him a full exam. The doctor informs them that the Prince has a tight foreskin, thus the making erections painful. But the Prince will not let him operate. He is a bit of a coward, cant stand the sight of blood.

So the Prime Minister (or the doctor) tell a couple of his fellow officers they trust, what the problem is and get them to help. The fellow officers take the Prince to the club and get him drunk until he passes out, chase everyone else out and call in the doctor. The Doctor does a quick snip and fixes the problem, and tells them to take him back to the officers barracks to sleep it off.

They ask the doctor what do we tell him when he asks about the changes and all the blood in his pants. The doctor tells them to tell the Prince, that while he was drunk, they all decided to do a “measuring” contest, and when they all plopped them down on the table, his landed on some broken glass and that’s how he got cut. Oh, and the Prince won, which is why no one else wants to talk about it.

If I recall, this does not really solve the consummation problem. As the Prince now has a new ‘toy’ that works and starts using it on all the women he can find.

farcry Posted new comment Jan 5, 2022

Dont see how to edit: This was only a small part of the movie. 20 minutes? But as I said I don’t remember what the rest of the movie was about.

When it comes to phimosis and French royalty, it might have something to do with Louis the XVI.
But it’s definitely not Marie Antoinette (2006).
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