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1980s 1990s film about American girl in England during world war.

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Scenes I remember:

American teenage girl arrives in England and almost gets in the wrong side of car while
being picked up. She makes a comment about the driver seat being on the wrong side.

The girl has a shed of some sort that she paints in or hangs out in. A boy comes to visit her there.

The family she is staying with grows close to a man named Mitch while the solider dad is away at war or something. When the dad comes back, the family is disappointed and misses Mitch who was nicer to them. At one point they are eating at the table and the young son makes a comment that “Mitch can handle a boat” implying he finds Mitch more impressive than his dad.

Later the dad is trying to beat the boy with his belt and the American girl is trying to protect him.

That’s all that I remember but I have always wondered what movie this is and how it ended. I would be so happy if someone knows what movie this is!

This seemed to be low budget movie, could have been made for tv, but I think my family rented it on tape so I doubt it.

Movie Asked question Jun 5, 2022