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1970s? New consulate member directed to end the fighting in the country. (rebels vs. Government)


Saw the movie in 1982. It was in English. I suspect the movie was from the late 70s or early 80s. I don’t recall recognizing any notable actors/actresses in the movie.

Protagonist was newly assigned to a consulate in a Central or Latin American country.
(This may have been a “last chance” type assignment, or he was the “disappointment in the famous family, stick him down there was he will be out of the way” type of assignment.)

The country has a problem with the rebels fighting the Dictator Government, disrupting business and happiness in the country. He is told by the Ambassador(?) to try to end the fighting.

He starts meeting and working with the Rebel Leaders to try to help them overthrow the dictator. (One of whom is a young pretty rebel woman, whom he meets frequently and works closely with.)

However none the rebel plans never succeed. Whether its due to incompetence, lack of equipment, or support or the people, or a spy for the dictator in their ranks I don’t remember, but it may have been a combination of all of them.

There are 2 scenes at the end of the movie that I recall.

1. The dictator pulls the protagonist aside during an ambassadorial meeting at the government palace, and says something like:
It would be big boost to your reputation if this fighting ends. And when the protagonist agrees, (either to his rep with his family, or position with the State Department)
Tells him, ‘Your supposed to end the fighting … No one said which side had to win’

2. Shortly after that (maybe the next scene) all the rebel leaders, including the young pretty rebel, are shown chained up to the walls in a cell. The Dictator enters and says some things to them (gloating? boosting?) and informs them they are to executed. Then he steps up to the woman and rips open her shirt. As he leaves the room he tells the guard(s) in the room, You have 5 minutes. [Telling the guards they had 5 minutes to mess with woman, or telling the prisoners they had 5 minutes to live, I don’t know.]

casspir Answered question Jan 4, 2022

Just a guess, maybe
“The Adventurers” (1970)?

BlackHat Posted new comment Jan 4, 2022

Nope, I found the trailer in YouTube, and this movie takes place in many countries, (New York, Rome, Paris, Rome, etc.) The movie I am trying to find was set entirely in the country the protagonist was assigned to. MAYBE the first few minutes were in his home country when he was told where he was going. (I don’t know for sure.) Also the Plot description in Wikipedia is definetly a different movie.