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00s-ish psy drama. Mb french. Audrey Tautou? Imagining relationship/gaslight


I’ve remembered the movie as an Audrey Tautou one, but there is nothing in her filmography that fits the description. Not even sure the film was french.
Maybe the plot was about the girl imagining the relationship and stalking a man. Or she was having mental issues, or her lover was gaslighting her into thinking she was. Anyway, she ended up in a mental ward.
Also i believe the man was somehow her superior in position: the tutor, therapist or just more successful one.
Thank in advance!

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He Loves Me… He loves Me Not (2002)?

Rosa Banana Posted new comment Jun 19, 2022

@Chisco yes!! Thank you! Don’t know why the Tautou’s filmography I was looking up doesn’t include it.