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A movie, almost Comedy, after 2000, 🙋??

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I don’t remember the name and story of the movie correctly.
The movie was mostly comedy and family.
Although I don’t remember so much, but I’ll try a bit, maybe someone has seen this movie.
The film was about a man who had the idea to build an engine (maybe) but his sister did not pay attention to his idea.
This man had a brother and a sister, his brother was in the army and his sister was a serious person.
They had a company (or something like that).
Some times later the man wants to find someone to convince her sister to get married so he could do her own work in the company.
So he asked a woman to do this for him.

in a scene, the sister tied her brother (the brother who works in the army) and after knowing what she wanted, left her brother still tied.

Most of the movie is about the relationship between family and business and someone else (a new person, a woman)
It’s my LAST question here, maybe.
Please help to find it.🙋
This is the last movie I didn’t remember its name and for some reason I realy need to find it. 😥😧🤕

BrokenMeM Edited question May 1, 2022

Thank you, but this isn’t.
I’ll edit the information a bit.